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Our Latest Adventures

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Where Are They Now?

We are very excited to share that the Robin and the Fox made it back to Grandma Fox's house from the North Pole safely! They'll be visiting with friends at their fishin' hole for a few days, before taking off for another BIG adventure!!

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“We are so grateful to have a new children's book series, wholesome and pure, comparable to Winnie the Pooh and the characters we grew up with!”

Grandma On A Mission, Barnes & Noble

“We love this children's book series, 'The Traveling Adventures of the Robin and the Fox'. The storyline is adorable. We'd love to see this as an animated series.”

Alison Green, The ABC Blog

“We enjoyed your book signing and story time at a local Christian book store, just a few years ago. We had fun participating in the sing-alongs, as well.”

Anonymous, Family Christian

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